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Breakfast week: Week 5 of BigBarn’s food and drink weeks

Having a British breakfast is not actually as hard as it seems. You can start with British eggs (free range always taste better) British butter, British milk, British bacon, British sausages, British grains and cereals and British bread. As a matter of fact with out even realising it, it might just be your most British meal of the day and why not? British farmers have been the kings of breakfast since, well forever. They are up and about before most of us already working before they have had breakfast themselves. Breakfast is so important and it is so fantastic that you can make it almost all British.

Whatever eating habits you follow breakfast is one meal you don’t want to miss. Why?

1. Eating breakfast wakes up your metabolism and gets your mind and body activated.

2. Studies show that people who eat breakfast are more alert and do better on tests than people who skip breakfast.

3. If possible breakfast is a great time for a bit of family bonding and communal well being.

Breakfast of Champions! Home made Kefir yogurt with home made muesli, and local wild blackeberries

So what to eat? A full English, especially after a couple of hours in the veg patch. Or healthy whole-oat porridge, cereal, or granola with fruit, before the commute to work. What about kippers, kedgeree or fish cakes. Or go to work on an egg, free range of course!

We have seen huge improvements in the range of cereals available over recent years following the growing interest in healthy foods. It is fantastic to see over sugared processed flakes, puffs and crisp stuff, with little nutritional value, lose favour to carefully blended granola and muesli with nuts and fruit to provide essential oils and vitamins together with nutrients and energy to last till lunchtime.

Likewise huge sums are now spent on yoghurt and pro-biotic drinks, although the latter provide questionable health value. Previous blog about these here.

So take time to find your, and your kids, perfect breakfast. There are some great ideas and recipes. You can find all the best local ingredients from real free range eggs to handmade sausages to real bread and bacon using our local food map. Or buy granola, real probiotic Kefir and linseed meal omega 3 in our MarketPlace.

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