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Update on our Petition to get Food Growing, Cooking and Nutrition on the School Curriculum

If you care about tax and the health of the next generation please sign and forward our petition “Get Food Growing, Cooking and Nutrition on the Curriculum”

We say ‘tax’ because 20% of NHS spend is now going to Food related illness and disease.

And ‘health’ because we have all been disconnected from where our food comes from and so many children do not know what to eat or how to cook.

Constantly updating and growing Local Food Map

To read more and sign the petition please click here

We are passionate about this petition because this is what BigBarn is all about. Our Local Food Map exists to reconnect people with their local food producers and encourage trade and communication.

This encourages farmers to grow more food and communicate with local consumers about food, farming, the environment and community.

Including schools in growing food takes this process one big step further. Especially with our Crop for the Shop initiative where the school sells excess produce through a local shop.

I love veg now

A project we ran with a school in Leicester proved that growing, then cooking, and selling what they had produced let them discover that good healthy food was actually very tasty, and absorb academic subjects far better through interactive links to the veg patch. These children were then advising their parents what to eat and cook.

To see a BBC video about this click here

At the end of the project it was heartbreaking for our team handing over, the veg patch, and the teaching notes to the new teacher, who said; “if it’s not on the curriculum I’m not doing it!”.

How many other thousands of schools with a veg patch have this problem? And are disillusioned seeing their pupils miss out on a fantastic opportunity. Please sign here and forward to friends.


  1. Renee Baylis says:

    I have thought this for years – but the apathy when mentioned to anyone is unreal.

  2. Richard Perry says:

    An excellent project for a campaign. The ability to understand food values and prepare food (if only to a simple nutritious standard)
    should be a fundamental skill and should be taught in schools.

  3. Pamela George says:

    I believe this is essential, I had an excellent education on the food front and it has lasted a lifetime, why should today’s children miss out?

  4. J Wood says:

    I am still angry that at my children’s secondary school instead of cooking or nutrition, they were taught How to Design a Pizza Delivery Box. I tried hard to convince the staff that, on so many levels, this was wrong and futile. No child could feed themselves on what they learned that term. Such a wasted opportunity – learning to make real pizza at home would have been a useful life skill and could have sparked a lifelong interest in making meals from scratch for health and pleasure.

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