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Building your local food community to fix the food Industry

Would you like to to see a thriving local food community where you live?

A food community that allows you to:
– buy better, fresher, sustainably produced, local food?
– Encourage more and diverse local food production?
– Create jobs for your family & community?
– Improve your local food security?
– Gain food knowledge to grow and cook seasonal foods?
– Save or even earn money by producing food? (veg, cakes, pies,….)

This is already happening in a few places around the UK and need to be duplicated using services developed by BigBarn.

We need to fix our broken UK food industry where:

– 80% of food is imported
– Farmers on average only get 9p in every £1 spent on food in the supermarkets
– Milk is cheaper than water in some shops
– 30% of road transport is food related
– Our long supply chain requires too much plastic & packaging
– Food that is illegal to produce in this country is on supermarket shelves and soon will be increased as the government allow low grade food from abroad (chlorinated chicken, hormone fed beef & pork)
– Intensive farming has degenerated our soils
– Lack of food knowledge allows marketeers to get consumers to make the wrong food buying choices (processed food, ready meals, takeaways, horse meat lasagna……)

These faults are caused by a food system that has been built to give people a huge range of ‘cheap’ food. This was perhaps a good policy after the second World War when food was scarce and had to be rationed, but is now out of date and unsustainable.

Unsustainable because the food is not cheap when you account for the direct costs of transport, marketing & middle men margins. And the indirect cost of subsidies, plastic recycling, soil degradation, & the NHS costs of food related disease.

The exciting news is that money spent in the direct costs of the national food system can be saved in a local food system. And give you better, fresher, healthier, cheaper more sustainable food.

And even better news, you don’t have to change everything to join this ‘better way’.

Through our BigBarn services you can switch to ‘local food’ at whatever speed suits you. Some of you may vow to never visit the supermarket again, or like many people during lockdown, use our local food map to buy selected foods and also register to receive alert emails about local food news and offers. More in the video below:

Your Local Food Map, with Crop for the shop Carrot flag

BigBarn’s dream to fix the food industry has come a long way in 20 years with over 9,000 local food outlets on our constantly updating Local Food Map, online MarketPlace and new Community Food Hub Tool Kit.

These hubs fit perfectly with the growing demand for good food during Covid & Brexit. And we believe now is the time to build local food communities all over the UK.

To help this happen we provide;

– Our Local Food Map to find local producers and outlets
– free online ordering system
– Food hub video case study community package
– free delivery logistic system
– schools food education package to increase food knowledgevideo here
– Crop for the shop delivery & collection
– zero plastic local supply chain
– Alerts system video here

With so many benefits please join in here and tell your friends. Use our map to find your local food outlets and tell them we would love to help them become your hub and build your food community.

If there is already some kind of ‘hub’ in your area please ask them to contact us about how we can help. As a Community Interest Company we are NOT Profit focused. We exist to fix the food industry for our; Consumer, and Producer, communities.