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Localisation for a better world. We have the power!

Please take the time to watch the video below and pass it on.

It seems pretty obvious that the attitude of ‘sit back and let big business, globalisation, and technology fix everything’ is NOT working.

We should however use technology to disrupt big business and find a better way. Including the amazing amount of enabling information on the internet like our Local Food Map, recipes, and ‘how-to’ videos.

The video below shows the power of localisation and how the food industry is a classic example.

Switching to local food produces the quadruple whammy of improved; knowledge, local economies, health/wellness, and environment.

Improved environment both local, and global, through; reduced food miles, less plastic and more sustainable farming.

We don’t need to fight the power of big business. We are the customer and have the power. Let’s use it.