BigBarns special relationship with Nest Group

Affordable EV Charging at Your Home

We have teamed up with Nest Group to be able to provide electric car charging stations at your home!

If you have an electric car or are contemplating buying one, Nest Group has the perfect solution to offer affordable and convenient charging.

They specialise in providing the most cutting-edge electric vehicle charging points, offering a range of charging stations to suit all electric cars at cost-efficient prices. This includes floor and wall-mounted AC electric car chargers, which can be easily implemented at your house.

With charging stations at your home, you’ll be able to conveniently charge your car whenever you need. No more going out to search for charging points, you’ll be able to do this at your doorstep with Nest Group’s easy solution.

Want to know more? Call Dean and the team on 01733 391 903 and mention Big Barn, or visit their website for more information.