Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oils

Multiple Award winning Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oil is produced by cold pressing seed grown on Wilmington Farm near Bath. Cold Pressing is a traditional process which preserves the natural qualities of our oil creating a bright and light nutty flavour perfect for all your cooking and drizzling needs. 


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Bath Harvest is just amazing! I bought it first from a show but now I'm addicted and always use it every day in my cooking and on all my salads. Just yummy!

Helen - 17 November 2016

I have been using Bath Harvest rapeseed oil for at least a year now. I am very impressed by the quality and flavour of the product and love the fact that its locally produced here in Bath. Wouldn't use anything else now!

Lucy - 27 March 2016

Absolutely love Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oils, I have every single flavour and use them all regularly, especially for my roast potatoes on a Sunday! I wouldn't use any other oil, totally converted.

Lisa - 16 December 2015

I've tried all your oils now and just love them. Eagerly awaiting your basil infused. Just in time for summer salads!

David - 8 March 2015

Love your cranberry balsamic. Def want some more please.

jen chesh - 22 December 2014
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