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We focus on creating a broad range of products inspired by our favourite foods from around the world. Everything is slow cooked using the same ingredients you would use at home. We don't bulk up by adding water which means those wonderful flavours are locked in the jar saving you hours of cooking at home. Just warm and serve.

Chutney, Cooking Sauce, Curry Sauce, Jam, Marmalade, Curds, Oils, Vinegars, Condiments

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144-146 Covered Market

Tel: 07828 917 363


pasta sauce, curry sauce, curd, jam, chutney, spices, chilli sauce, chilli ketchup, brown sauce, bbq sauce

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– Producer Reviews –

We have tried 4 of the curry sauces so far and they all have lovely flavour and the right amount of heat. The ingredients are evidently high quality. We really enjoyed them.

Hannah - 18 March 2014

My boys love the "Tomato & Basil" and "Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper" I always have the Korma and my Husband loves the Madras

Sonia - 12 March 2014

Oxford Marmalade is lovely with toast in the morning

Sonia - 12 March 2014

The curry sauces were amazing, the best I've had in a long time. So easy to use and so moreish.

dung dang - 12 March 2014

The sauces are very "moreish" the korma was lovely with prawns and the madras was lovely with beef..the others I have yet to try but look forward to it.

Donna Coates - 8 March 2014
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