Beckford's Caramel & Beckford's Coconut Rum

Beckford's Caramel & Beckford's Coconut Rum

Sold by: Beckford's Rum Spirits


Unit: 2 x 20cl

Special Diet: Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Rum and Caramel
Back in Regency Britain rum and toffee were two of the nation’s favourite treats, enjoyed by all classes. This long-forgotten recipe combines these two delicious flavours, which both originate from the same plant, into a taste sensation! To be enjoyed simply over ice, or ice cream, or mixing into your new favourite cocktail nothing comes close.
White Pearl
Think of Blue sky, white sand and a glass of Beckfords delicious Coconut Rum, this amazing drink is silky smooth and leaves you wanting more, made with the finest baby coconuts from the Caribbean. Served best on the rocks with a slice of Pineapple or Coconut milk. Great gift Duo 2 x 20cl bottles