Grow your own kit

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Our grow your own starter kit contains the following

16 x (8 top trays with holes & 8 bottom trays without holes) x Heavy duty microgreen trays that have been specifically designed for the home grower and the urban vertical farm L 56 (22") x W 28 (11")

1 x 50 litre Bag of RHP certified organic buffered coco coir packed full of beneficial microorganisms. Enough for up to 25 trays

240g Rioja Radish microgreen seeds, enough for 6 trays

1800g Pea shoot microgreen seeds, enough for 6 trays

168g Broccoli microgreen seeds, enough for 6 trays

210g Coriander microgreen seeds, enough for 6 trays  

We also supply with every kit a full list of instructions, seed density for each type & germination/grow schedule.

Price includes delivery 

Grow your own kit