Marshall & Brown Luxury Hamper

Sold by: Marshall & Brown


Unit: 1 Luxury Hamper

Selected to please even the most discerning palate, our hamper is filled with exciting and luxurious foods including our fragrant Jerk House Mustard sauce and Spicy Condiments, which are joined by delectable pleasures, such as our Handmade Rum Truffles and Dessert Chocolates which include Marc de Champagne, and Mama Brownʼs scrumptious Rum Cakes.
Each Hamper contains:
• Mama Brown Rum Cakes - Banana, Chocolate, Coconut, Key Lime, Original and Pineapple
• The Jerk House Sauces - Yellow Scotch Bonnet Pepper sauce, Red Pepper sauce, Hot Mustard sauce, Jerk BBQ sauce, Jerk Sauce, Jerk seasoning
• Artisan Chocolates - 1 box of 24 Marshall & Brown Handmade Dessert Chocolates, 1 box of 12 Marshall & Brown Handmade Rum Truffles
• Rum Punch - 2 x 700ml

Marshall & Brown Luxury Hamper