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About Bean Smitten Coffee Roasters

Bean Smitten is an independently owned coffee roastery located on the Kent/East Sussex border. We roast specialty grade, Arabica coffee beans. Our focus is really good, tasty coffee presented in an unpretentious way.

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Bean Smitten Coffee Roasters Opening Hours

9.00 AM - 5.00 PM

Location of Bean Smitten Coffee Roasters

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Cedar Gables
Hastings Road

Tel: 01892 281060


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Love your Classic Blend.

CEG - 6 March 2016

Really enjoyed your Christmas blend coffee beans. The best flavour by far I have found. Looking forward to trying more now.

Karen T - 6 March 2016

The 1955 Club have been using Bean Smitten for 6 months. Consistently great quality and service. The Classic blend is loved by my customers. Always freshly roasted.

Paul B - 1955 Club - 6 March 2016

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Darren - 5 March 2016

Different tasting coffee with stories behind them brought together by a local producer. Great.

Robin - 29 September 2015
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