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 We are the North East's only goatmeat/chevon producer. Selling direct to restaurants, butchers, food outlets and individuals. We now have available to buy diced goatmeat, chops and joints, either frozen or fresh to order. Half or whole carcasses may be ordered.

Goat meat is full of flavour and low in fat and cholesterol, and extremely healthy. It is eaten around the world. Fantastic for stews, curry, roasts, kebabs to name but a few.  Our goat kid meat is a milder flavour and more tender - taking less cooking time.

If there's anything that is not listed on the product page please get in touch.

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Please phone or e-mail orders - frozen chevon available, but fresh to order

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Rothley North Fell

Tel: 01670 774400


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I made a slow cooked curry with diced goat meat and it was delicious and very tender. Will definitely be ordering again :)

Clare Dew - 1 March 2016
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