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KIS stands for Keep It Simple and is a BigBarn initiative to help more people enjoy great food and save money.

You can browse the videos to find recipes using cheaper, seasonal ingredients, or upload your own videos and become the next famous TV chef!

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Real bacon roll

How to cook the perfect bacon roll

Ramsay's real bacon

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Bonny Confectionery's Marshmallow Melts

Mortimers' finest drinking chocolate accompanied buy delicious marshmallow melts from Bonny Confectionery:

Bonny Confectionery's Double Chocolate Marshmallow melt.

Mortimer Chocolate Company's Ecuador Dark Chocolate Drink.


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Sourdough Bread

Quick and easy to follow recipe video from The Fabulous Baker Brothers.

You will need the Strongest (preferably organic) White flour you can get, Soughdough starter and Salt.

Flour, Bread

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French Onion Soup

Quick and healthy recipe for french onion soup. The perfect way to use up onions especially when there is a glut. Make a big batch and freeze some.



leftover wine

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English Breakfast Tortilla

A big omelette for the whole family. A great way to use up whats left in the fridge or the veg basket.

Eggs, sausage, mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomato and other leftovers

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