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KIS stands for Keep It Simple and is a BigBarn initiative to help more people enjoy great food and save money.

You can browse the videos to find recipes using cheaper, seasonal ingredients, or upload your own videos and become the next famous TV chef!

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Wild Garlic, nettle & leef Hummus

Delicious wild food hummus fro Deri Reed the Ethical Chef

Chickpeas 500g,1 Big Leek, Wild Garlic Handful, Nettles Handful, Rapeseed Oil 150ml, Salt, pepper 5g

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Hot Chocolate Recipe

This is the hot chocolate recipe I serve at our 'award winning' chocolate experience.

You could always add other ingredients to your hot chocolate during the boiling stage like espresso coffee, rum, chilli and various spices.

100g dark chocolate drops/pieces

120ml milk

60ml Boiled water

60ml double cream

2 teaspoons brow

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Banana Flambe

Quick banana flambe recipe & demo

bananas, sugar, rum

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Cheese and Ham Omelette

Quick and easy cheese and ham omelette

Eggs, cheese ham, cream, pepper, salt

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5p Baked Potato

KIS (Keep It Simple) Baked Potato. Why spend 75p on a ready made baked potato when you can buy spuds for 5p each and bake them yourself. Then add butter, cheese, tuna, beans, sour cream, mince, or even home made mozerella

Potato, rape seed oil, herb salt

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