Brockleby's Pies
Melton Mowbray

About Brockleby's Pies

We are farmers and pie makers from Melton Mowbray, producing a range of high quality artisan pies using local ingredients.

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Melton Road
Asfordby Hill
Melton Mowbray
LE14 3QU

Tel: 01664 813200


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– Producer Reviews –

Bought two of your pies from Kington Show While the salmon one was good, the Moo and Bloo was without doubt the best I’d ever tasted, and I’m in my 60’s! Next I’ll try a Beaver one too in my reorder. Well done Brockleby’s!

Claudia Bunn - 17 September 2018

I bought a \"Beaver\" pie at the Wardlow Food and Pottery Festival and enjoyed it immensely for dinner. When I saw Brockleby\'s pies were now available at \"Peak Parlour\" here in Tideswell I was moved to buy another - only one (Moroccan Lamb) left! I look forward to tonight\'s dinner!

Thomas - 11 September 2018

Had a Wild Beaver Pie for dinner tonight from your stand at the Leamington Spa food and drink festival today... It was blooming beautiful, best pie I\'ve ever tasted, I will definitely be ordering from you again :)

Katherine Kiernan - 9 September 2018

I bought the Wild Beaver, Chicken Little and Moo and Blue pies from the Pub in the Park at Knutsford on Friday. The family have just had them for dinner and we have all said they are definitely the best pies we have ever tasted, including Granddad who is 92 and a connoisseur of the steak and ale pie! Been looking where to buy and going to visit Uttoxeter or Stafford market which is local to us to stock up.

Pam Cornwall - 9 September 2018

Always look out for this stall at Chatsworth events I stock up on a few pies! The kids and I love them!

Heather - 5 September 2018
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